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UnCommon Sense Marketing, Planning, Growth Since 1999.

At Jon Ragatz Consulting, I personally provide marketing and management guidance to clients in the following areas:

  • FOCUS GROUPS: organizing, moderating and analyzing focus groups and in-depth interviews.
  • MARKETING & BUSINESS PLANS: developing or critiquing conventional or sustainably-focused marketing and business plans, using our exclusively developed MOST grid© ("Marketing Objectives, Strategies and Tactics).
  • WORKSHOPS & TRAINING: developing and conducting workshops and training on marketing, strategic planning, new product development, idea generation, branding, and sustainability for organizations or communities.
  • ONLINE SURVEYS: developing, conducting and analyzing on-line market research surveys.

I can often also assist you by temporarily filling an important marketing management vacancy in the San Diego area (lasting a few weeks or months) that occurs for whatever reason, in order to keep your plans and projects in full motion.

What makes my services "UnCommon"?

I am a seasoned business practitioner and business faculty member. I have served: consumer goods marketers, natural products manufacturers, academic institutions, service companies, governmental organizations and others. Helping each to identify and seize opportunities for growth. My "perspective" comes from over 35 years of experience gained from work in disciplines as diverse as marketing, R&D and purchasing; in industries including food products, health & beauty aids, education, printing, and service providers; with all sizes of companies from global giants like Nestlé, Carnation, Vicks and J. Walter Thompson to startups such as Made in Nature, the Green MBA (Dominican University of California), the Bright Green MBA (Alliant International University, San Diego campus) and the Endangered Species Chocolate Company. I am flexible and often stress proven, "UnCommon" simplicity.

  • Masters of Management degree, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Marketing and Management Faculty: United States University's Executive Management Program
  • Certified Advanced Facilitator


Contact me to see how I might be able to help you. You can also viisit me on LinkedIn and Twitter where you can also view my most recent article Sweet Home America (an amusing, insightful, and frank look at what foreign graduate students have to say about life in America and some of the common myths they debunk).

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