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  Strategic Planning Workshops  

Getting your management team on the same page thinking in a forward direction, without blinders,  is the very essence of strategic planning. 

Easy to do, right...?

But, our   uncommonly sensible approach can make your strategic planning seem easier. 

First of all, we break planning into seven steps and three categories:

preplanning 2) planning 3)post planning

Preplanning Deciding to plan

Allocating resources to the process—people, time and money


Conducting a thorough situation analysis

Setting corporate objectives

Developing corporate strategies and tactics

Post- Planning

Implementing the plan

Monitoring the plan, with feedback and internal control


Ideally, these steps span at least 60-90 days to allow your team time to gather the needed information, "dwell" on the process, consider alternatives and develop consensus.  I meet briefly with key managers at the beginning;  assign weekly projects to keep the process going;  and then, I (along with some associates) conduct a two-day workshop to help you to pull all of the pieces together and to make sure your plans are internally consistent.  

The two day program can run consecutively or be separated by several weeks, depending on your requirements. 

Day One

Guiding your team:

  • To create your company's Vision, Value and Mission statements.
  • Through a situational analysis.  This includes a traditional "SWOT analysis" of internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats;  a look at your competitive positions, market trends and so forth.
  • Toward developing corporate objectives.  These will be honed until they are specific, achievable and measurable.

Day Two

Focusing your team:

  • On drafting a positioning statement.  This  forces you to define your corporate differentiation and place in the market, with a focus on your company or brand's benefit and reasons why (support for that benefit).
  • On developing strategies by function.  It is most important here to consider multiple strategies for each objective before selecting those judged best.
  • On laying out a tactical, action plan with steps, timing, responsibilities, milestones, and monitoring methods all defined.
Contact me to discuss how I can apply a little "UnCommon Sense" to your strategic planning needs. 


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