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  Speaking / Training Engagements  

Possible training facilitations:

I am available to provide public speaking or conduct training programs in a variety of settings, on a variety of topics, to groups large or small, in such areas as:

* Training/team training
* Planning Facilitations
* Formal and Informal Classes
* Forums / Roundtables

    Possible speaking topics:


* Adopting a more sustainable, socially-responsible marketing approach
* Positioning and branding
* Growing a brand across the life cycle
* Business ethics
* Entrepreneurial thinking and action


* Tech trends and how they have impacted us in the past 15 years
* Good customer service
* Leveraging opportunities and threats
* Triple bottom line thinking
* Moving toward sustainability
* The Lifetime Value of a Consumer
* And more.

Contact me to present at your next seminar, business or community meeting.


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