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On the surface, determining your product or company positioning may seem fairly easy, but in reality, this can be a very difficult and lengthy task.  In fact, this is an extremely important challenge and should be done in advance of virtually all marketing and business building activities.

Positioning is a fairly simple concept.  How do you want your brand to be perceived or remembered?  Where do you want your brand to be "filed" in a target consumer's mind?  Volvo, for example, has carefully crafted a position of automobile safety, as Michelin has for tires ("You've got a lot riding on your tires.").  Similarly, beginning in 1968, Seven-UP successfully established itself as the cola alternative with its "UnCola" positioning and Enterprise Rent a Car is clearly "top of mind" as the car to rent when one needs to be picked up.


You can create and nurture a desired positioning based on "informed judgment," an approach often used by smaller companies or entrepreneurs.  Or, you can use more precise quantitative techniques (such as a factor analysis of consumer attribute ratings) to determine different positioning options that  exist.  These are commonly expressed in two-dimensional perceptual maps that plot the relative positions of existing and contemplated brands. 

Changing a brand's positioning can sometimes be beneficial.  For example, lite beers were originally targeted to women because they were lower in calories.  Sales were extremely low.  Then, someone realized that a lot of current volume was actually coming from men!  So, Miller Lite repositioned its  lite beer for men ("Tastes Great, Less Filling") and showed respected athletes drinking their product to make it "okay" for other men to do so.  A whole new segment was born! This positioning continued into 2004 withan updated campaign-"The lite beer that actually tastes like beer".

At Jon Ragatz, Consulting, I can help your define, refine or redefine your current positioning.  My focus is on establishing a clear definition of your target audience, identifying a meaningful benefit that your brand fulfills, and finding compelling, believable support for this benefit.  The goal - to create a position in the market for your brand or company that is meaningful, unique, sustainable--one that you can own!

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